Where do you get your nutrition from?  Hopefully you’ll agree that you get most of your nutrition from food.  There are a lot nutrients in the food that we eat… or at least there should be.  How often do you get all of the fruits and vegetables that you need during the day?  If you’re like most Americans, the answer is… not enough.  Most of us need to supplement in some way in order to get the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.  So, we take vitamins.


Most of us, when we think about supplements, we think about vitamin pills.  While those vitamins are a great source of vitamins, all they are… are vitamins.  What about the rest of the nutrients that are found in food?  You won’t find them in a multivitamin.  Most of the vitamins that are found in the store are manufactured in a lab.  If you look on the ingredients list you will find the chemical names of the vitamins (i.e. ascorbic acid, alpha tochopherol, niacin, folic acid, zinc oxide, biotin, lycopene). In a whole food supplement, you will find ingredients like carrot root, nutritional yeast, pea vine, and mushroom.  These whole foods still have all of the vitamins and minerals that you find in a multivitamin, but it is in a form that your body recognizes as food, and it is easier for your body to use.  See the difference?


Standard process holds true to the whole food philosophy.  They grow food on an organic farm.  They use soil that is full of nutrients (if the soil does not have good nutrients, neither will the food).  They dehydrate the products without raising the temperature (if you raise the temperature, nutrients are destroyed).  They only sell through health-care professionals.  This ensures that you (the consumer) are getting the correct supplements for your specific health needs (everyone is different).


At Simply Chiropractic, we gather enough of your health information to recommend the appropriate supplement(s).  Do you lack energy?  Do you suffer from headaches?  Do you want a balanced nutrition program?  Are you an athlete?  Do you want to age gracefully?  Each person has specific needs, and we can help you select the right supplement for YOU!


All you have to do now is make an appointment for a detailed symptom survey (this can be done using Telemed, which is a secure, private, HIPAA compliant portal) or contact us for more information.  Ask for any promotions.

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