Why nutrition?

What we eat (or don’t eat) has a profound impact on our health.  It affects every organ system of the body, including the musculoskeletal system.  It can have a profound impact on our joints, muscles, and nerves.  Proper nutrition or supplementation will enhance the treatments that you receive in the office.  In fact, everything you do outside the office will have an impact on the effectiveness of the treatments in the office.  I make recommendations that will help my treatments be more effective.  It’s, of course, up to each individual to accept or not accept those recommendations.

Why do you order labs?

Lab work will help the doctor determine the extent of your problems and allow them to make better decisions when recommending nutrition advice or supplements.  Labs can often track progress without having to rely on symptoms.  For example: Let’s say a client has widespread body aches and pains.  We find out through lab results that there is a tremendous amount of inflammatory chemicals (these chemicals are often the cause of pain).  We begin treatment including supplementation and do the labs 2 or 3 months down the road.  You are still having pain, so you don’t think the supplements are working.  The lab results show that the inflammatory chemicals are still there, but they are greatly reduced.  Now we know that the treatments are working, even though you may still have symptoms.

What to expect on your first nutrition visit?

Prior to your first visit, you will get an email from Simply Chiropractic.  In the email, there will be a link to a secure online portal.  (On some cell phones, the link is not underlined, so you have to look carefully to find where it says “click here”.  Once you use the link, it will expire.  Not to worry, because you can always request a new link to be sent to your email.  Once you sign into the portal, you will see some information that requires you to e-sign.  If you are already an established client, you have already signed the required documents. You will find some “paperwork” to fill out online that includes an intake form for new clients, or an intake form for clients already established with the office.  Make sure you are thorough, because if you don’t fill out all of the required fields, you will not be able to submit it.  You can use the menu of the portal to access paperwork that needs to be completed.  You may also use the menu to see your scheduled appointments, change your appointments, schedule new appointments, or cancel your appointments.  If you would like a portal guide, please click here. The portal guide will outline instructions on how to use the online portal.  If you have difficulty, you may always contact the office.

With the nutrition consultation, there will be some forms that you must print and then fill out including the stress assess, food diary, symptom survey, and toxicity questionnaire.  You will bring those forms with you to your appointment.  If you are not able to bring them, the doctor will give them to you to fill out, and may ask you to reschedule.

During your appointment, the doctor will review your history, and take notes as necessary.  He may ask clarifying questions as well.  He will then do an exam, which includes palpation of the abdomen and other tests that will help him determine nutritional deficiencies.  He may order some lab work to be done (this will be an added expense, but he will try to keep your costs as low as possible).  After the exam, you will schedule a follow-up visit.  He may recommend some supplements to get you started.  There are also extra costs to the supplements.  The doctor will make his best recommendations, based on your nutritional needs and your monthly budget.  For full disclosure, the doctor does make a small profit on the supplements that you buy because he does take some extra time to review different products to make the selection that will be most beneficial and cost-effective for you.

On your follow up visit, the doctor will review with you all of the information that he has gathered.  If you have completed the recommended labs and the doctor has received the reports, he will also review those findings with you. He will make further recommendations on supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle changes and anything else necessary.  He will always answer any questions you may have.