Today I want to talk about one of my absolutely favorite products that there is out there. This is a product that I use after I’ve had, say, some pizza or some sort of food that gives me a little bit of heartburn after a little while after I’ve eaten.

Zypan is my go-to for when I get heartburn. Zypan works a little bit counterintuitively. You’d think that a good antacid would help calm down the stomach acid. And it does. But what it is also doing is it’s shutting down your body’s natural digestion. So it doesn’t work as well and it actually perpetuates the problem. So you eat something that gives you heartburn. You take an antacid, it stops the acid from being produced–and it prolongs the problem. Zypan actually increases the acid production. It helps you digest your food and get it out of the stomach so that the heartburn doesn’t occur in the first place. So I find that if I am going to eat something that I know is going to give me heartburn, I take two tablets with my meal, and I don’t have to suffer the heartburn. Now, sometimes, once in a while, I’ll have a little bit of a surprise heartburn after I eat something. And then I’ll just take one or maybe two of those Zypan tablets, and that will take care of the problem–really within a minute or two, if that. I find that it works much, much better than any an antacid. So that is a product that I would recommend. Zypan. And you can get it by clicking this link.

So try it out if you have heartburn, or if you fear eating pizza because of the heartburn that you’re going to get. Try this stuff, it works. It’s absolutely amazing!

If it doesn’t work, you let me know because there may be some other issues that you’re dealing with that we should probably address. There is a possibility that if you have a stomach ulcer or a bacterial infection. If you’re not sure, call me, and we can check things out. There are some things that we can test that will help us know if you have an ulcer or not. And if you do have an ulcer, there are other things we can do that will help your stomach heal.

Again, try this product if you suffer from heartburn, or schedule an appointment for further evaluation.

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