There are many causes of headaches. Some are stress related, others may be due to allergies. They may be vascular in nature, or due to organ dysfunction. Dehydration could be the cause. To make things even more confusing, it could be a combination of these, or something different all together. Headaches can be mild or severely debilitating.
Headaches are very common. 50% to 75% of the world population will have experience at least one headache in the last year. 30% or more of those are reported migraines.

The problem with headaches and treatment:
Most of the population do not consider headaches to be a serious problem. After all, they are not life threatening and most are easily treatable with over-the-counter medications or self care. Many governments fail to acknowledge the burden of headaches in the home or workplace. Most doctors may not be properly trained on the proper diagnosis and treatment of headaches.  Many individuals with headache disorders are not diagnosed or treated.

Headaches are not unbeatable. There are ways of identifying the cause of headaches. Once the cause is identified, the proper treatment becomes apparent.  Sometimes, it takes several health care professionals working together, including chiropractors, dietitians, and neurologists to successfully treat complicated headaches. Most, however, are relatively easy to treat.

For more information on headaches, visit the world health organization (WHO) website.

If you suffer from headaches, let me help. There is no need to suffer. Contact me for more information or if you would like an in-depth evaluation of your headaches.

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