We are proud to partner with ChiroHealthUSA to offer you premium services at a heavily discounted rate!

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Fees and discounts are subject to change, and may do so with or without notice.  Please contact our office more the most up-to-date information.

Why don’t you take insurance?

We do not contract with insurance companies for a few good reasons.

First, most of us have been taught that when services are not covered by insurance, they are not medically necessary.  Both patients and doctors have fallen for this myth.  At Simply Chiropractic, we do not allow insurance companies dictate what care is necessary or unnecessary for each individual patient.  That is the job of the doctor, not the insurance company.

Also, the loyalty of the insurance is not toward the patient, rather, it is to the stock-holders.  It is the job of insurance to take as much in premiums as possible, and limit the payouts as much as possible.

As much as it pains me to admit, many doctors offices will charge a different fee to insurance payors than they do to cash-paying patients.  This is not only illegal, but it is unethical as well.  At our office, our fees are our fees.  By not contracting with insurance, we avoid this temptation.

In order to be fair, we participate in a medical discount program (see above).  This program is available to everyone.  This includes those that do have insurance and those without.  It allows everyone to benefit from the treatments that the doctor recommends, not what the insurance companies recommend.

Those with Medicare are somewhat at a dis-advantage.  Many chiropractic services are not covered by Medicare, forcing those patients to pay out of pocket for those services.  By participating in a medical discount program, we can make these services available at more affordable cost.

In summary, at Simply Chiropractic, we put the patient first!  The doctor makes recommendations based on medical facts, rather than what insurances cover or don’t cover, and we participate in a discount program that allows patients to receive treatment at an affordable rate.